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Many of us are collectors in one or the other way, I have collected vinyl recordings for about 20 years like a maniac. Today with the advantage of an old chap I manage to think first, select well and eventually grab the item then, if the price is pleasant. Not to become excited each time you come across a so called 'collector's item' is a real ease, and if you experienced it once you won't miss it anymore. During these years of 'hunting' rare recordings I have been to many second hand shops and flea markets. Oh, how many dreadful items I had to touch to obtain the ones of interest. How many discussions about the condition of the records and the prices. But it was always a chance to meet nice and interesting people from various nations and gave me the opportunity to have many conversations.
Partial we had to gesticulate wild, because of language problems. As a result of all these efforts my record collection became fairly big with a number of different styles in the end.
At that time all that did to me a lot of fun and,
I still remember it well, even now after quite a lot of years. The matter is, I came across many different items beyond the vinyl which seemed to be collectible as well. From time to time I couldn't resist and so I bought some more or less strange things that touched my heart in some special way. PonyTail-Dark_08_160x96.pngOne of these wonderful pieces is the one on the right beside this article. For quite a long time I didn't realise what I have bought over all these years. Some of the objects were hidden in some boxes or behind some other things in a vitrine. Some people encouraged me to show the things on my site in the web beneath the recordings, because they are valuable and nice to behold after such a long time. Well I agreed and that is the start, it will be interesting hopefully.
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