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Here is a front cover picture in the manner like dots on a magnified coarse halftone print. We are caught by this very intense gaze. This nice example shows, how easy a simple idea is able to stir up emotions.
The inscription is rough and red, somehow unfinished, leaves the impression, as if it has been added in a hurry and perfection wasn't intended. The back cover displays a rather dark photography of the band. This is an exceptional punk record's cover.

7" single by The Adverts
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy Buy 13
release date: 1977
uk release

producer: Larry Wallace
             in 'Super Stereo'


A side :
One chord wonders  1.99
  [Tim Smith]

B side :
Quick step
  (2 hours fourty-nine seconds)
  [Tim Smith]

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