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Is it he, or not? This question tortures me since that day I've bought this record. That po-faced goggling giant ape, could it be 'King-Kong'? Telling us "I love you", how exciting, I can't imagine something that's more scary than this idea. Maybe it's 'Queen-Kong" *Shiver*. What does it mean: "You gotta say yes to another excess", this cover artwork contains lots of questions but no answers, maybe that's the reason why it is so bodacious.

7" single by Yello
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 176
release date: 1983
uk release

Yellow and Ursli Weber
cover design: Ernst Gamper
photographs: Ray Photography


A side :
I love you  3.11
  [Boris Blank / Dieter Meier]

B side :
Rubber west  3.30
  [Boris Blank]

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