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Is Mrs. Ullman trying to lead us into temptation? Anyhow, she's in a rather seductive pose on this photography, looking a little like a Vamp. This impression is intensified by the huge dark shadow on the wall. An appealing cover with well selected colours to the subject. The title track again a cover version of a Kirsty McColl song (Buy 47) done nicely. The flip side is displaying just the shadow magnified, corresponding to the song 'The B Side', a brilliant idea.

7" single by Tracey Ullman
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 180
release date: 1983
uk release

producer: Peter Collins
    for Loose End Productions


A side :
They don't know
  [K. McColl]

B side :
The B side
  [T. Ullman / T. Fuller]

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