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The closer you inspect this cover, the more you will discover his polysemy. A piggy sitting in the middle of rails. Not really spectacular so far, you may think. Beside the steamer, coming from behind, that looks rather dangerous, it is really worth having an additional look on the items the piggy holds. First we can see a strange cigarette, possibly containing illegal substances. Another surely forbidden white powder on a small plate or mirror in the other hand. This poor creature has gotten between various lines unfortunately at the same time. The flip side shows the result of his behaviour.

7" - single by
The Pink Fairies
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 2
release date: 1976
uk release

producer: Everyone/No-one
illustration and design:
                    Edward Barker


A side :
Between the lines
  [C. Kid]   

B side :
Spoiling for a fight
  [C. Kid]

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