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Beholding this record cover, I am reminded of something which must come from early 60's, if I only could remember the name of the Group.
Isn't the photograph the wrong way round?   *Giggle*
But seriously folks, it is a wonderful citation from 'With The Beatles', released in 1963. This remarkable black and white design that nearly everybody can remember.
This kind of black and white photographs, originally created for covers of John Coltrane by Robert Freeman , has been copied countlessly.

7" 2-track EP by Roogalator
(play-speed 33 rpm)
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 3
release date: 1976
uk release

producer: Toni Wilson
photograph: J. I. Bajzert
design: Edward Barker


A side :
All aboard  5.45
  [Danny Adler]

B side :
Cincinatti fat back  6.14
  [Danny Adler]

Mono enhanced Stereo
'That Gusha-Gusha Sound'

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