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7" single by
Wazmo Nariz
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 33
release date: 1978
uk release

producer: Andy Waterman &
                 Wazmo Nariz
photo: by Rothberg

A side :

B side :
Wacker drive


Do you know somebody which is wearing two ties at the same time? I believe it only could be a weirdo or a clown. Anyhow, it certainly looks more than just a little odd. Apart from the fact of this gimmick the cover shows a quite ordinary design. The first time I have seen this cover, I didn't realise it immediately, and flipped further through the records of the in-box. But something stayed in my head, and I returned to the jacket, to see, what it was. According to both of the ties, 'Stiff' decided to issue two different labels, one for each tie's colour.

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