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7" single by The Plasmatics
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. Buy 76
release date: 1980
uk release

producer: Jimmy Miller

front photo: Butch Star
back photo: Allan Tannenbaum

A side :
Butcher baby  3.10
  [Richard Stotts /
   Rod Swenson]

B side :
Tight black pants  1.41
  [Richard Stotts /
   Rod Swenson]

Wendy Orlean Williams [W.O.W.]    asterisk.png 1949-05-28
                   rip.gif 1998-04-06


A collage of photographs to give an impression of the untamed live action of a Plasmatics gig. In the real sense their concerts are not a bit erotic, they are rather crude, sometimes embarrassing and in addition destructive very often.
The reverse side is giving an impressive example for their outrageous show, they loved to blow up things, like TV's or even Police Cars. Consequently 'Stiff' issued a (blood) spattered vinyl copy of their 'Butcher Baby', a gimmick, that fits well to the Band's image. I have been to one of their shows, I have to confess, this experience was something special. No matter whether you like their music or not.

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