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A German release with a more beautiful, and special sleeve in contrast to the English one, this doesn't occur very often. We can see Lene with two different humorous facies and, of course these are two marvelous photographs as well.
This record is stated as limited edition EP at a playspeed of 33 rpm. It has a different track-listing to the original 'Buy 69' (UK), and so it is to the 'Buy JB69' release either. This release contains two of the studio songs and two of the live ones from the (UK) double single.

7" EP by Lene Lovich
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. 6.12690 AC
release date: 1980
de release

* L. Lovich / L. Chappell /
   R. Beckirian / A. Winstanley
** Bazza

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Side A:
  What will I do without you*
    3.06   [Smith]
  The night**  4.12
    [Gaudio / Ruzicka]

Side B:
  You can't kill me**  3.46  (live)
  Monkey talk**  3.19  (live)
   [Lovich / Chappell]

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