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The German release of Buy 190 is similar to the of the UK. A classic black and white design displays a photograph of Kirsty in an erotic situation. A splendid portrait of Kirsty. The lyrics of 'Terry' are converted excellent. Just the label is different to the UK one.
'Terry' is a song describing a requital. Comparing the new boyfriend with an ex-lover is ending with a significant advantage for the new.

7" single by Kirsty MacColl
                   ( rip.gif 2000-12-18)
Stiff Records™
catalogue no.
6.14024 AC  (Buy 190)
release date 1983

de release

producer: MacColl / Povey


A side:
Terry  3.50
[MacColl / Povey]

B side:
Quietly alone  2.38
[MacColl ]

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