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Something funny happened to the first copies of this 'Stiff release'. Because of a company error a false photograph has been printed on the back cover. Therefore these records became very collectible. Originally the cover is wrapped in plastic carrying a red 'Damned Damned' sticker, in addition with the yellow 'Damned' from the cover it's read as 'Damned Damned Damned'. Still today this record is described this way.

12" LP by
The Damned
'Damned Damned Damned'
catalogue no. SEEZ 1
Stiff Records™
release date 1977
uk release
producer: Nick Lowe

front cover: Peter Kodick
assisted by:
Judy Nylon and Pat Palladin
back cover: Erica Echenberg

design: Big Jobs Inc.


A side:
Neat Neat Neat / Fan Club / I Fall / Born To Kill / Stab Yor Back* / Fell The Pain

B side:
New Rose / Fish** / See Her Tonite / 1 Of The 2 / So Messed Up / I Feel Alright***

All Tracks wirtten by: B. James
   * [R. Scabies]
  ** [B. James / Thanx Tony]
 *** [Stooges]

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