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All lead vocals by Rachel Sweet

On 'B-A-B-Y,' 'Stay Awhile,' 'Pin A Medal On Mary' and 'Stranger In The House':

Charley Charles played drums
Norman Watt-Roy played bass
Mickey Gallagher played piano
Pietro Nardini played guitar and keyboards
Brinsley Schwarz played rhythm guitar on
'Stranger In The House' and 'B-A-B-Y'

Rachel Sweet did backing vocals

On the other songs:
Mark Sugden played drums and percussion
Pietro Nardini played bass, guitar and keyboards Rachel Sweet did backing vocals
Lene Lovich did backing vocals on
'Cuckoo Clock' and 'Just My Style'

Throughout, where you can find 'em:

Paul Gillieron played soprano sax and pennywhistle Dick Hanson played trumpet
Ray Beavis played tenor sax
John (Irish) Earle played baritone sax
Chris Gower played trombone
The formidable Simon Climie and Leah Sweet did snaps, claps and percussion
Stiff Chorus, forever anonymous, sang on
'Girl With A Synthesizer'

Engineers - recording Bob Painter-recording and mixing - RogerBechirian and Guy Bidmead

Thanks to Jane Climie of Kingsdown Farm


12" LP by
Rachel Sweet

Stiff Records™
catalogue no. SEEZ 12

release date: 1978
uk release

producer: Liam Sternberg

Route 78 Tour


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