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A classical portrait, taken during a live performance. This coarse grained photograph fits very well to the atmosphere of a live show, a truly fine creation for a 'Rock and Roll' record cover. Dark and mysterious are the colours, only the inscription is shimmering in yellow and white, like the spot lights in the course of a concert. A recollection at the 60's-design is the desired effect, strengthened by the addition of 'Stereo', and the little crown on top of the 'Lew'.

12" LP by
Lew Lewis Reformer
'Save The Wail'
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. SEEZ 16
release date: 1979
uk release

producer: Paul Bass /
greatly assisted by Bazza
on the Stiff Mobile,
The China Shop
front: Peter Scofield
back: Tom Sheehan


A side :
Do just what you want [J. Brown] / Wait [Wolf/Justman] /
Win or lose [Rossi/Frost] / High temperature [Little Walter Jacobs] / Mr. Bartender [Lewis/Squirrel/Barwell & Taylor]

B side :
Lucky seven [L. Lewis] / Hometown blues [T. Petty] / Photo-finish [L. Lewis] / Night talk [J. Squirrel] / Rider [L. Lewis]

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