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'New Boots and Panties'

12" LP by
Ian Dury
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. SEEZ 4 /
                      SEEZG 4
release date: 1977
gold reissue: 1978
uk release

    this record was not
    produced and recorded
    at the workhouse in
    the old Kent Road !!

photos: Chris Gabrin

A side :
  Wake up and make love
                          with me  4.30
  Sweet Gene Vincent  3.30
  I'm partial to your
                   abracadabra 3.30
  My old man *  3.30
  Billericay Dickie *  4.00

B side :
  Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll **                                         3.04
  Clevor Trever  5.00
  If I was with a woman  3.30
  Bockheads  4.00
  Plaistow Patricia *  4.00
  Blackmail Man *  2.00

all selections by:
                           Dury / Jankel
                except: *
                           Dury / Nugent

** = [Bonus track - SEEZG 4]
      track one on side two, not
      indicated on label or cover.


'New-Boots'_stroke-163x96.pngNot spectacular at first sight, but if we take a closer look, we discover lots of lovely details. An average shop, selling outerwear, as well, as ladies underwear. Indication labels at the showcase top giving information about a variety of goods, and special offers. Things, we don't realize anymore in today's bustling everyday life. Not too long ago, stores like this were common, in nearly all districts of the bigger cities.

and_stroke-55x96.png A little boy and a man are waiting in front of the shop, but what are they waiting for? Somehow this whole scene seems to be familiar, if it was from 'just around the corner'.
The portrait of the back cover displays Ian Dury in a rather provoking pose. Both sides of the inner sleeves display a compilation of black and white photographs from different years.

Charley Charles - drums
Norman Watt-Roy - bass
Chaz Jankel - guitars /
Davey Payne - saxophones
Edward Speight - ballad guitar
Geoff Castle - moog

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