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7" single by
Dave Stewart with
Barbara Gaskin
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. BROKEN 2
release date: 1981
uk release

producer: Dave Stewart
make-up: Miranda Boyer
photos: Mike Putland

A side :
It's my party
  [Riener/Gold/Gluck Jnr]

B side :
Waiting in the wings
  [D. Stewart]


This photography is coloured lively and seems to contain a little bit of a mystery.
A woman with gold extended fingers and flashy eye make-up, sitting in fog patches, doesn't she look a little like a witch? This could correlate with the story of the title track. It's about sadness and cheating, this could lead to the idea of revenge. The yearn for supernatural abilities, is one of the possible results that can be caused through this kind of bad emotional violation. Anyhow, each of the beholders will discover a different meaning in the end. Let's simply name it an excellent cover.

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