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Front cover notice:

This E.P. is as pure as the driven snow and has been neutered specifically for all you lucky people in radio land.
It's the Albertos Snuff Rock E.P.
With tunes from their hit show 'Sleak'? Tasted up to be payable and who knows might happen to the housewives of Britain if their minds are taken over by 'Gobbin on Life'.

A truly spartan design but I like this kind of spontaneous art.

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You are lucky to catch a glimpse of this! Just a very few people have seen this recording before.
I had to make a really big effort to get hold of this copy in 1977.
Excellent comedy, deep minded and ironically, wild and untamed rock on side A, white dub reggae at it's best on
Side B. I was lucky to get this including a few sheets with press articles and a dynamic photograph featuring vocalist Jimmy Hibbert
(Mr. Wonderful) at the front.

Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias

12" E.P. DJ copy (never released as commercial 12" record)
'Stiff' Records™
release date: 1977

A side:
Kill / Gobbing on life
[Norman Sleek]

B side:
Snuffin' like that / Snuffin' in a babylon
[Norman Sleek]

producer: Nick Lowe
catalogue no. DJ Copy (Last 2)
uk release

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