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7" single by
The Children Of 7
Stiff Records™
catalogue no. SOL 1
release date: 1982
uk release

producer: Jean-Marie Carroll

a half-moretone sleeve

A side :
  [Carroll / Pratt / Payne]

B side :
Solid dub
  [Carroll / Pratt /
   Lillywhite / Lloyd]


Hard edge contrast and complementary colours, that's what this design represents. Our eyes are overstrained by this specific colouring. They fail on trying to get a sharp picture. Therefore it is used with pleasure to generate optical deceptions; especially with so called 'psychedelic' pictures. Consequently it can't be recognized clearly what this jacket is showing. There are hands, are they just covering a face, are they shaking each other, or what else are they doing? This artwork is a reminiscence out of the mid 60's when everything seemed to be possible.

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