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999's very first original release is a typical example for a cover design from the beginning of the 'Punk' era. As if it has been created in a hurry, is the first impression of this cover. Parts of photographs seems to be ripped off somewhere and the lettering is embossed into self-adhesive plastic tape. The black and white image parts have been coloured subsequently, in a somewhat 'muddy' green and the print is fairly rough and grainy. Each of the numbers refer to the band's name, regardless of the fact whether the release date is correct or not, it's stated with July 1999. It's pretended, that the songs have been recorded at 99 rpm, and the catalogue number is LAB 999, and of course the sides are numbered like 'Side 9A'.

7" single by
Labritain Records™
catalogue no. LAB 999
production date: 1977
uk made

production: Andy Arthurs
design: George 'God' Snow
assisted by:
            Catherine the Great


Side 9A:
I'm alive
   [Cash / Days]

Side 9B:
Quite disappointing
   [Cash / Days]

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