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This cover displays a trend in art, that survived its original purpose, and created a new genre called pin-up. Idealization of women's body strengthened men's selective chauvinistic perception of women in general for decades, and still belittles how this significantly disturbs an equal relationship between the genders. Both, women as well as men still suffers in their relation, because of this strong leaning to an obsolete, sick and inequitable gender role. Nevertheless, I have to confess, that I'm still caught in a tempting circle of conflicting emotions; a male and a victim of socializing. I still love these paintings, Obviously I belong to these non-adaptive guys too.

- But, ain't she sweet?

'She's in Love With Love'

7"  mono E. P. by
Artie Shaw and His Orchestra

catalogue no.
ED 2382

production date: 1956
us made


Side A:
I Remember You
   [V. Schertzinger/J. Mercer]
That Old Black Magic
   [H. Arlen/J. Mercer]

Side B:
More Than You Know
   [V. Youmans/B. Rose/
                               E. Eliscu]
In the Still of the Night
   [C. Porter]

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