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Wrapping paper around a 'Goddess', isn't it a perfect fitting 'dress' for one of the world's most beautiful and famous women?
Ever since there's mankind, men were fascinated and caught by the sight of attractive women. Therefore there is without a doubt nothing to argue about calling this cover 'art'. More than one generation used young Mrs. Bardot's outstanding beauty as a projection screen for their craving, no matter whether this idealised picture meets reality or not. And it wasn't only men! Fantasy is fired immediately by this lovely visual appearance.

'Ce n'est pas vrai'

7"  E.P. by
Brigitte Bardot
   accompanied by:
      Paul Poit and his Orchestra

disc AZ™
catalogue no. EP 1 194
production date: 1968
fr made

photo: Sam Levin-Gamma


Side A:
Ce n'est pas vrai  
   [J.-M. Rivière - G. Bourgeois]
Le diable est anglais
   [J.-M. Rivière - G. Bourgeois]

Side B:
Oh qu'il est vilain
   [J.-M. Rivière - G. Bourgeois]
Ay que viva la sangria
   [J.-M. Rivière - G. Bourgeois]

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