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7" double 3-track EP by
The Beatles
Parlophone Records™
catalogue no. SMMT - 1
               [7YCE 18435]
production date: 1967
uk made

producer: George Martin

'Magical Mystery Tour'

edited by: Tony Barrow
editorial consultants
(for Apple):
  Neil Aspinall & Mal Evans

photographs: John Kelly
drawings: Bob Gibson

Disc 1:
Side A:
 Magical Mystery Tour
 Your mother should know
    [Lennon / McCartney]

Side B:
 I am the walrus
    [Lennon / McCartney]

Disc 2:
Side A:
 The fool on the hill
    [Lennon / McCartney]
 Flying (Instrumental)
    [Harrison / Lennon /
     McCartney / Starkey]

Side B:
 Blue jay way


This is the most outstanding jacket for a release of the 'Fab Four' in my opinion. It is the soundtrack to an one hour TV show, that has been aired in black and white originally in the UK in 1967. The TV show failed to attract major attention, while the sound track topped the charts world wide.

show_cartoon-150x96.png The gatefold cover of this EP contains a 24-page booklet, including a 6-page cartoon story about the show. Also included: the lyrics of all the songs and several fantastic photographs, colour, as well as black and white. I have never seen a second 7-inch record release, that is similarly versatile, in musical aspects, as well as in artwork and design. Because of all of these features it never won't become obsolete, dull, or even boring, to draw this release out of the cabinet and rejoice about his visual and audio gems. His magic simply seems to be mysterious!

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