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7"  single by
Charlotte Gainsbourg

Because Music ™
catalogue no. BEC5772645
production date: 2010
fr made

producer:  Beck Hansen
photograph:  Nick Knight


Charlotte Gainsbourg:
Beck Hansen:
    accooustic guitar, vocals
Brian Lebarton :
    piano, keyboards
Eric Gardner :
Bram Inscore :
    double bass, cello
Nicole Morier :
    guitar, vocals

Just hard 'black & white' contrast, no nuances, a cunning option to initiate a ramble in fantasy through this photograph. Additionally the imagination is 'fired' by a dynamic pose of a woman. Tension is given through a double frame, but it seemed, that she is about to escape from this limitation. Though it's very hard to guess some details of her face, we are willing to believe, that she supposedly is a fascinating personality. This impression is not least reinforced by the clothing.
Isn't the temptation strong, to say, that she might be a 'wild and untamed' thing?

'Sunset Sound Session'

Side A:
Heaven can wait  2.40
   [Beck Hansen]
(Sunset Sound Session -
                      Circus Version)

Side B:
IRM  2.32
   [Beck Hansen]
Sunset Sound Session -
                  Alternate Version)
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