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Poison Ivy (born Kirsty Wallace), cofounder and guitar player, of the 'Cramps' is the model for this record's cover, like she's been for many of their releases. Some of you might be offended by this offensive photograhy, others are maybe delighted and love it.
This cover design continues the great contradiction they are causing constantly. With their appearance as well, as with their musical style.
I actually love the bikini she wears. Additionally a 12-inch single was released in a folded cover with the same front cover picture; the size: 94 x 63 cm (37.008 x 24.803 inches).

7" single by
The Cramps
Enigma Records™
catalogue no. ENV 17
production date: 1989
uk made

producer: Poison Ivy

front cover photo: Lux Interior
back cover photo:
                         Rocky Schenk


Side A:
Bikini girls with machine guns   3.18
 [Ivy Rorschack / Lux Interior]

Side B:
Jackyard backoff  3.16
 [Ivy Rorschack / Lux Interior]

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