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An alienated photograph of a woman suddenly becomes an art object. Men's imagination has been always fired by beautiful women, throughout our complete history. This jacket is an impressive example with two different images. The front shows a stylish portrait in profile, with attention nicely spent for the details. While the back displays the same woman in a more private and contemplative mood. The whole cover emits a little the image of a fascinating goddess.

Cristina  [Monet-Palaci]
'Sleep It Off'

12" Lp
Mercury Records™
produced by: Don Was

catalogue no. 814 980-1 M-1
production date: 1984
us made

cover: Jean-Paul Goude
back cover photograph:
                             Chuck Sillery


Side A:
Don't mutilate my mink  2.57
   [Cristina / D. Was]
Ticket to the tropics  4.20
   [Cristina / D. Feiger]
She can't say that anymore
   [S. Throckmorton]         3.07
Quicksand lovers  3.17
   [Cristina / D. Was /
                            B. Nazarian]
Rage and fascination  4.31
   [Cristina / J. Mavety /
                              B. Brierley]

Side B:
Ballad of immoral earnings
   [B. Brecht / K. Weil]      4.18
What's a girl to do  3.32
   [Cristina / D. Was /
                           B. Reynolds]
The lie of love  4.34
   [Cristina / B. Reynolds]
Blue money  4.13
   [V. Morrison]
He dines out on death  2.36
   [Cristina / B. Brierley]

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