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An overload of details confuses the beholders eye at first. A circle surrounded by flames claims the main attention. Somehow it seems to break through a mauve colored wall, that's covered all over with a variety of black, mystical things. From the bottom of this scenery an somewhat obscure guise is obviously about to climb up a spiral stair, that leads straight into an antique castle in the center of that circle.
An altogether fascinating cover, firing the imagination. When I saw this first, I immediately expected the record to contain psychedelic music, and I was right. Sometimes I wonder if these chances can be taken for an evidence in general, that one can conclude by cover art to the music of the record inside.

7"  3-track E. P. by
Crystal Jacqueline

Fruits De Mur (Mer) ™

catalogue no.
Crustacean 39

production date: 2014
us made


Side A:
Cousin Jane
A Fairy Tale

Side B:
Play With Fire

Sleeve Design by Dale Simpson

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