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12" LP by
Deaf School
Warner Bros. Records™
catalogue no. K 56280
production date: 1976
uk made

producer: Rob Dickins
art direction: Kevin Ward
photography: Colin Thomas
inner sleeve photography:
                   Monty Rakusen


vocals: Enrico Cadillac Jnr. / Eric Shark / Bette Bright
keyboards, accordion:
Max Rippple
bass guitar, piano, vocals: Steve 'Mr. Average' Lindsay
guitar, piano: 'Cliff' Langer
drums, percussion:
Timothy Whittaker
saxophone, recorder:
Ian Ritchie
guitar, accordion,
bass guitar, banjo:

Paul Pilnick

Side A:
What a way to end it all  2.56
Where's the weekend?  3.13
Cocktails at 8  3.06
Bigger splash  3.34
Knock knock knocking  3.28
2nd Honeymoon  4.57

Side B:
Get set ready go  2.44
Nearly moonlit night motel  4.19
Room service  4.00
Hi Jo hi  2.23
Snapshots  5.05
Final act  3.58


The picture of this cover could be as well an advertisement for a film, describing a love story. Of course it is similar a little a stereotype, by watching this photograph a little closer, we will assert, that she is avoiding his gaze. A rather strange behaviour for a second honeymoon. The whole scene looks in a way as if each of them is dreaming his own dream, and obviously these dreams do not fit really. Nevertheless is it an impressive record cover, well created with lovely details like this Caribbean background scenery and his shirt.
The reverse side displays a photography from the studio, where the front cover picture has been done. It is a little like, giving the audience some sort of idea how the illusion has been created and so it destroys exactly this ideal.
Is this design a philosophical one? Trying to remind us of the sad fact, that many perfect looking things in life are only flat forgeries?

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