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A metaphorical interpretation of the title track strictly in black and white. Truly impressive in it's emotional touch as well as the optical effect. Rebirth through mental incarnation seems to be the message.
A masterpiece of design.
Electronic pop that still sounds fresh when you listen to it today. At the time of release labeled as 'New Wave'. No matter how you name it, this is a record that won't vanish. Because of the music and because of the artwork of the cover.

7" Single by
The Depeche Mode
MUTE Records™
catalogue no. MUTE 014
production date: 1981
uk made

producer: Depeche Mode &
Daniel Miller
photography: Rodney Martin


Side A:
New life  3.45
[V. Clarke]

Side B:
Shout  3.45
[V. Clarke]
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