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A 1983 re-issue of a record, that has been originally released in 1955, whose impression is overwhelming, because of an absolutely fascinating and dynamic front cover painting. Music, rhythm and, dancing is suggested and, an excellent execution meets a remarkable balance between reality and imagination, in a truly convincing manner. Lively the colours, according to the variety of genres melt in Ella Mae's music. Some insiders certify her a big influence on what has been called 'Rock and Roll' later.

12" LP by
Ella Mae Morse  with
Big Dave and his orchestra
Capitol Records™
catalogue no. 154672 1
   [original release: T 513]
production date: 1983
   [12-inch first released 1955]
fr made

producer: credits not stated
front cover painting:
                 Harold M. Kramer

From the back cover:
When it comes to what the connoisseur calls "swingin' tunes", it's Ella Mae all the way! She's got the right spirit, the throaty voice, and the great style that Barrelhouse, Boogie, and the Blues call for - and she's got it to spare!
Of course, we're especially fond of Ella Mae because, when she was seventeen, she made a tremendous hit called 'Cow Cow Boogie' - a "swingin' tune" that was not only her first record, but also Capitol's first release. It's good to report that both hte singer and the company have been doing fine ever since.


Side A:
 Rock me all night long  2.25
    [J. Ricks / B. Sanford]
 Money, honey  2.37
    [J. Stone]
 I love you, yes I do  2.42
    [Glover / N. Seller /
 Daddy Daddy  2.39
    [R. Toombs]
 (We've reached)
  The point of no return  2.07
    [M. Dennis / G. Dennis]
 49 Cups of coffee  2.50
    [D. Overbea]

Side B:
 Teardrops from my eyes  2.54
    [R. Toombs]
 5 - 10 - 15 Hours  2.30
    [R. Toombs]
 Have mercey baby  2.16
    [Marks / Ward]
 How can you leave
 a man like this  2.44
    [Baker / Gerald]
 Give a little time
 to your lover  2.05
    [J. A. Bennet / L. Kirkland]
 Goodnight, it's time to go  2.09
    [C. Carter / J. Hudson]

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