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The portrait of the band reduced to extreme contrast, a flashy colouration has been added and, the result is a tasteful and remarkable cover. The rear side held in the same coloures, designed in a graphical artwork, again shows each of the band members by using a high-angle shot this time. A picture sleeve in the best Rock 'n' Roll manner. This is the first release of the F-Beat Record label. Originally it was planned to be published on the 2-Tone Record label, exhibited here as the next one.

7" single by Elvis Costello and
The Attractions
F.Beat Records™
catalogue no. XX1
production date: 1980
uk made

producer: Nick Lowe
balanced by:
Roger Bechirian


Side A:
I can't stand up from falling down  2.05
   [Homer Banks / Alan Jones]

Side B:
Girls talk  1.56
   [Elvis Costello]

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