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Never seen Mrs. Lennox in this emotional condition. So I decided to enlarge a part of the front sleeve photography to give you the opportunity to behold her closely. It is really worth having a look!
Most of the men will be aroused through a woman in a mental state like this, 'She needs a man'.
Totally rough and hard drum beats, powerful guitar and offensive lyrics ("there's just one thing that I'm looking for and he don't wear a dress") make this song real hot.

7" single by The Eurythmics
RCA Records™
catalogue no. 536-1-7-R
release date: 1987
producer: David A Stewart
us release

photography: Alistair Thaine
sleeve design:
Laurence Stevens


Side A:
I need a man (Edited)  4.06
[Lennox / Stewart]

Side B:
Heaven  3.27
[Stewart / Lennox]

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