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A Lady from France in her early years, in 1963 to be exact. Isn't she beautiful, with wonderful longingly eyes, promising lips and an adorable hairstyle. Of course I am in rapture over this incredible cover.
A reminiscence on my very early teenage boy years, when there was fear of girls, as well as curiosity, because they were so different and mysterious. I listened often to her songs on the radio before I had to sleep and I was dreaming, because I don't speak French. So she became the incarnation of all my adolescent wishes and dreams.

7" EP by Francoise Hardy
accompagnée par
Marcel Hendrix et son orchestre

Vogue Disgues™
catalogue no. EPL. 8 111
production date: 1963
fr made

Jean-Marie Perier


Side A:
  Qui aime t'il vraiment
  (Your nose is gonna grow)
    [J. Hooven/H. Winn/F. Hardy]
    [F. Hardy]

Side B:
  Bien longtemps
    [F. Hardy]
  On dit de lui

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