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With this unequivocal gesture no additional word should be necessary, to explain the meaning of this picture. Everything is private if it is love, no one should disturb or even interfere in that relation. No additional element, consequently can be seen on this cover, with the exception of the lettering which names the band and the song title. Written by Jane Wiedlin and Terry Hall, it could be an theme for all people in love. Five women impressing us, with a tight, straight forward rock song.

7" single by
The Go-Go's
International Record
Syndicate™  I.R.S.
catalogue no. PFP 1007
production date: 1981
uk made

Richard Gottehrer and
Rob Freeman
photograph: George Du Bose


Side A:
Our lips are sealed  2.44
 [J. Wiedlin / T. Hall]

Side B:
Surfing and spying  1.50
 [C. Caffey]

Taken from the Album:
'Beauty And The Beat'
SP 70021

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