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A sheath for the record's jacket, that's what makes this cover so remarkable different. The (rockin') duck-shaped outer cover, holds the actual cover of the record. You can't get the record out, without removing the duck first. While the band member's names will be displayed (front) when the duck is removed, the back contains a photographic collage of the artists. It's a very special gimmick for an absolutely outstanding album. Comedy at it's best, presented by members of the legendary 'Bonzo's' and the Scaffold.

12" Lp by
'Rockin' Duck'

Island Records™
catalogue no. ILPS 9248
production date: 1973
uk made

producer: Grimms
Devonshire Studios Ltd.


Neil Innes: piano, electric piano, vocals
Mike McGear: vocals
Roger McGough: words
Brian Patten: words
John Gorman: vocals
Andy Roberts: accoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals
David Richards: bass, vocals
John Megginson: piano, organ, vocals
Ollie Halsall: lead guitar, vocals
Gerry Conway: drums
very special thanks to:
Mike Kellie: drums on:


Side A:

Rockin' duck  1.50
  [Neil Innes]
Song of the stars  3.15
The right mask  1.40
Policeman's lot  3.20
A question if habit  1.30
Take it while you can  3.00
  [McGear / McGough]
Poetic license  0.35
  [Patten / McGough]
The masked Poet  0.30

Side B:
Hiss and boo  1.45
Gruesome  1.40
  [Roberts / McGough]
FX  3.15
Blab blab blab / EEC  2.20
  [Innes / McGough]
Backwards thro' space  0.55
OO-chuck-a-mao-mao  3.40
End of the record  1.10
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