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For those of you, who are familiar with 'Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias' Jimmy Hibbert is not unknown.
A real macho's pose of Mr. Hibbert, dressed in black completely, like the famous 'bad guy', and of course a blond beauty can't resist. Like the title, the picture implies superlatives everywhere. Rock and Roll from the sombre depths of the hip, erotically, brutally, untamed and hard. No limits and no fears, Mr. Wonderful rules and it seems alright!

7" Single by Jimmy Hibbert
Logo Records Ltd.™
catalogue no. GO 379

production date: 1980
uk made

Laurie Latham & Jimmy Hibbert
for Blackhill Music Ltd.™


Side A:
Mr. Wonderful
[Jimmy Hibbert]

Side B:
[Jimmy Hibbert]

From the album:
'Jimmy Hibbert's Heavy Duty'
LOGO 1021

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