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Has this black-and-white snapshot possibly been made while a legit recording session? Well I think it's a little too ostentatious to be authentic. On the other hand, it doesn't spare a certain charm. A Lady sings devotedly in front of an old fashioned microphone. It seems, that she's totally up with her work, and has forgotten the world around completely. That's what I would call fantastic soulful artwork, and isn't it a lovely visual complement to an emotional recording.

7"  E. P. by
Hildegarde Neff
                 [Hildegard Knef]

Fontana Records™
catalogue no. 460.591 ME
production date: 1958
fr made

photo: Pinto



Side A:
Bal de vienne
   [A. van Dam / Sammy Galolop
                                    / B. Vian] Qu'avez-vous fait de
                              mon amant ?
   [Warren / Duhamel]

Side B:
J'aimerais tellement ça
   [H. Savador / Boris Vian]
C'était pour jouer
   [H. Savador / Boris Vian]

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