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Dynamic tension and stirring rhythm, is the fascinating message of this magnificent jacket. All that is needed to create this strong impression is a lively photography and a few playful graphical elements, like the funny lettering and the wave-shaped fingerboard.
I decided to add a 'super-sized' image of this outstanding Lp cover to give you the chance to take pleasure in all the nice details of this photography.
Don't miss his 'flying V' lapel pin.

12" Lp by
Ian McLagan
Mercury Records™
catalogue no. SRM-1-3786
production date: 1979
us made

production: Geoff Workman
art direction: Mike Doud (AGI)
graphic design / photography:


     Johnny Lee Schell /
     Ron Wood / Ian McLagan   drums:
     Jim Keltner / Ringo Star /
     Zigaboo Modeliste
  bass / keyboards:
     Paul Stallworth /
     Stanley Clark / Ian McLagan
        accordion: Flap Workman
     Bobby Keys / Ron Wood /
     Steve Madaio
     Ian McLagan /
     Johnny Lee Schell /
     Ron Wood / Jaime Segel


Side A:
La de da   2.24
Headlines   2.57
Truly   5.57
  [Carl Levy]
Somebody   2.57
Movin' out   3.51

Side B:
Little troublemaker   2.27
If it's alright   1.59
Sign   3.23
   [McLagan / Schell]
Hold on   3.42
Mystifies me   5.23

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