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A gimmick in every collection:

Beside the exceptional shape of this cover the artwork is a little 'spacy'. Blue sky, horse shaped dark clouds, a flying milk box and a disguise with glasses fixed at a paperboard nose with a mustache. A fine evidence of a promotional gimmick as well as a nice kind of design art.

Poems recitative with spacy rock sound and brilliant lyrics. An unsparing objective reproduction of our society.

7" Single on a 10" triangle shaped matrix (orange vinyl)
by John Cooper Clarke
CBS/Epic Records™
catalogue no. S EPC 12-7009
release date: 1978
uk release
producer: Martin Hannett


Side A:
Gimmix   Play Loud 3:07
[Clarke / Ferret / Hannett]

Side B:
(I married a) Monster from outer space 2:38
[Clarke / Ferret / Hopkins]

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