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A big, black frame is surrounding an autumnal-alienated photograph of a young Lady. Completely turned to herself, her head inclined, is she drowning in dejection? Or maybe she is just contemplating; - anyway, a very appealing picture. The back cover displays a photograph of Jeff, shot in the style of Robert Freeman. Somewhat mysterious, with a piercing gaze he is looking towards us. A brilliant portrait of a famous guitar-hero from the 60's.
The combination of these few elements is turning into a fantastic, tasty record cover.

12" Lp by
Jeff Beck
Epic Records™

catalogue no. PE 26413
production date: 1968
us made

producer: Mickie Most


  Jeff Beck:  guitar *
  Rod Stewart:  vocals
  Ron Wood:  bass
  Mick Waller:  drums
     * = bass on Ol' man river"
     J. P. Jones:
       Hammond Organ on
       "Ol' man river"
        Timpani by
        "You know who"
     Nicky Hopkins:
       Piano on "Morning dew"
       and "Blues deluxe"


Side A:
Shape of things   3.17
 [P. Samwell-Smith / K. Relf /
  J. McCarthy]
Let me love you   4.41
 [J. Rod]
Morning Dew   4.38
 [B. Dobson / T. Rose]
You shook me   2.28
 [W. Dixon / J. B. Lenore]
Ol' man river   3.57
 [O. Hammerstein II / J. Kern]

Side B:
Greensleeves  1.47
 [Trad.: Arranged by
  A. Jeffrey]
Rock my plimsoul  4.11
 [J. Rod]
Beck's bolero  2.50
 [J. Page]
Blues de luxe  7.32
 [J. Rod]
I ain't superstitious  4.53
 [W. Dixon]

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