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7" single by
John Otway
Strike Back Records™
catalogue no. SBR 1
production date: 1983
uk made

producer: Robin Boult
design: C-More-Tone

Side A:
Middle of winter
 [Otway / Birkett]

Side B:
It makes me see red
 [Otway / Boult]


Grainy the photographs of this expressive cover. Separated in two sections, on the left, there is a lonesome and sadly John and on the right, kisses his 'Ex-Love' a new man. C-More-Tone's realization of this relationship tragedy simply has to be named brilliant. Colours reflecting the emotional state of both persons. Gloomy blue for the lonely and burning glowing red for the new passion. The labels a repetition of both themes, the A-side for the sad and the flipside for the passionate. Surprisingly, the colours are equal this time, is the old love still present?

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