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A very early introduction example of a 7-inch extended play (E.P.).
What fascinates me most about the artwork of these releases is the results of this combination of tasty, but simple graphical elements with monochrome photographs. Motion and a certain kind of sentiment is expressed with rather little technical sumptuary. Each time I get one of these items, I'm truly caught by their magic. A phantasmal dream overwhelms me, and I think, I really can feel the music.

'Get Happy with'

7"  E.P. by
June Christy
   Orchestra conducted by:
   Pete Rugolo

Capitol Records™
catalogue no. EAP 1-448
production date: 1954
us made


Side A:
My Heart Belongs to Only You 
   [Frank & Dorothy Daniels]
Get Happy
   [Harold Arlen / Ted Koehler]

Side B:
I Lived When I Met You
   [Billy Reid]
The Man I Love
   [George & Ira Gershwin]

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