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7"  double E. P. by
June Christy

Capitol Records™
catalogue no.
   Album EBF-516 [1-516 - 2-516]

production date: 1954
us made

cover painting:

Here is the cover of a double E. P., a format, that hasn't been released very often. The front displays a painted portrait of June beside a giant 'highball', in different turquoise shades. Isn't this picture a splendid example of liveliness, relaxation, and joy? The inner sides and the back of the center-fold cover contain additional drawings, spreading this recording's fresh atmospheric musical impressions. While the flip side contains a description of her music, the inner sleeve has a schedule with different other releases of 'Capitol Records'.

Record 1 [1-516]
      (3-track E. P.)
Side A:
Something cool
   [Bill Barnes]

Side B:
A starnger called the blues
   [Mel Torme / Robert Weils]
I should care
   [Weston / Stordahl / Cohn]


Record 2 [2-516]
      (4-track E. P.)
Side A:
It could happen to you
   [James van Heusen /
                           Johnny Burke]
Lonely House
   [Kurt Weil / Langston Hughes]

Side B:
Midnight sun
   [Burke / Hampton / Mercer]
I'll take romance
   [Oscar Hammerstein II /
                             Ben Oakland]

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