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7" single by
KT Tunstall
Relentless Records™
catalogue no. REL 18
production date: 2005
uk made

production: KT Tunstall
lyric book & theatre box:
   KT Tunstall
sleeve assemblage:
   Cally (antar.cc)

Side A:
Other side of the world
(single version)
  [KT Tunstall / Martin Terefe]

Side B:
Morning stars
  [KT Tunstall]

A 'theatre-box' in shiny colours, that is how the front cover welcomes us. One of the more recent vinyl releases, that is equipped extraordinary well and coddles the collector. The design is truly a work of art, which pays attention to the small details, as well as to the composition as a whole. The reverse side of the cover contains just the credits on a totally black background. This limited edition in heavy weight, coloured vinyl has an inner sleeve! Fairly surprising for a 7-inch single. This is what I'm talking about, when I say the collector is pampered, I love it. The front of the inner sleeve displays a lovely black and white photography of Mrs. Tunstall and the flip side a copy of her lyric-book. The labels are like both sides of an old coin, don't miss the nearly 'hidden' embossing.
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