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What happens here? Is it a clash of reality with fantasy, or fantasy versus a sobering and monochrome reality? It's hard to tell, I think the beholder will have to make his own decision. I would support the last option. The graphical artwork shows lots of lively coloured women who are fascinated reputedly by two rather ditsy looking dudes. Well, it might be possible, that they were considered cool in the late 50's. But the pose of the guy on the right, appears more than ridiculous today. Nevertheless is this a remarkable pictuer sleeve of a 'one-hit-wonder' from half a century ago, that many of you probably haven't seen yet.

7"  single by
The Kalin Twins

Brunswick Records™
catalogue no. 12 165 NB
production date: 1958
de made


Side A:
   [Reardon / Evans]

Side B:
Three o'clock thrill
   [Kelle / Sherman]

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