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A painting of the band, created especially for the launch of their debut, rather unusual efforts in music business. This is the only original Lp ever released by this band, and it is reported, that only 3,000 copies had been sold.
The picture shows the musicians in front of 'Tower Bridge' one of London's famous points of interest. They are leaving the impression, as if they are at least very reflective, or do they even feel queasy with this situation? The flip side shows a funny looking dude trying to hang loose. After all, this cover certainly belongs in the category 'standing out in the crowd'.


12"  Lp by
Kilburn and the High-Roads

Dawn Records™
catalogue no. DNLS 3065
production date: 1975
uk made

producer: Hugh Murphy
cover painting:
    'The Kilburns Near
    Tower Bridge'

by Elizabeth Rathmell

    'Paul Hangs Loose'
by Poundcake
graphics: Gordon House

The Kilburns :

    Ian Dury
    Keith Lucas
Saxophonist, Flautist:
    Davey Payne
Pianist, Singer on *:
    Roderick Melvin
Electric Bassist:
    Charles Sinclair
    David Newton-Rohoman


Side A:
The Radette Song
   [Dury / Hardin]
Pam's Moods
   [Dury / Hardin]
Crippled With Nerves
   [Dury / Hardin]
Broken Skin *
   [Dury / Melvin]
Upminster Kid
   [Dury / Hardin]


Side B:
Patience (So What?)
   [Dury / Hardin]
   [Dury / Sinclair]
Thank you Mum *
   [Dury / Hardin]
Rough Kids
   [Dury / Hardin]
The Badger and the Rabbit
   [Dury / Hardin]
The Mumble Rumble and
                the Cocktail Rock
                  [Dury / Hardin]
The Call-Up
   [Dury / Hardin]

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