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At the first glance this is not a very special sleeve, simply white paper, a red label and one side contains a red/black sticker. But, isn't it cool somehow? At that time a rumor spread, that this release is an 'official bootleg' launched by Killing Joke. They did not like the original mix, therefore, they mixed it themselves. It is a much more intensive, powerful and orgiastic sound than the official release.
Compare this release with
<monthly 2007-04>.

7" Single by
The Killing Joke
catalogue no. ?
production date: 1980 (?)
uk made
producer: Killing Joke ?

Sticker Side:
[Killing Joke]
Matrix information:
991-B (Get the f***)

None Sticker Side:
[Killing Joke]
Matrix information:
(A Porky prime cut - Pickwick)
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