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Big John at the Hope & Anchor, Anni Ivil, Michelle Meyers, Chas Smash, Lynder Halpin, Rodney Bingenheimer, Nick Garrard, Leee Black Childers for four years of tyranny, Richard Gottehrer, Alan Hauser, Boz Polecat for the beer, Colin Winski for the shirt off his back, David Smith, Neal Peters, Brendan Mullin, Miss Mercy for the green hair, Laura Kaufman, Simpo & Rocky, Smut for giving my old cast-off clothes to Brian Setzer, Mal & Jan Smiff, Mum for me, Lynette for the booze, Philip Ocassio, the Blasters for the ribs, the guy in Texas for the tire, 50's Flash, Ray Campi, Buzz Wayne, Shakin' Stevens for the loan of the band, Laurie Jay, Don Boyd, Michelle Garval, Martha Dawson, Brigit, Laura & Tommy Dean, Cyrinda & Steven Tyler, Elissa & Joe Perry, Lisa Robinson, Chips Chipperfield, Lauren Goldman, Stephen Danaher, Deanne Zimmerman, Stanley Bart, Mike Reid, Jayne County, Tony Zee, Dave Woods, Kathlyn Black Stone, Linda Clark, John McKay, Chester Platt for the hangover, Jim Fourratt, Cherry Vanilla, Christopher Makos, Hermann Wunsche, Miranda Ward, Johnny Thunders, Henry Henriod, Lee at the Trop, Pleasant Gehman, Donna Perry, Lenny Prussack for the crazy threads, David Loehr, Parker for the physique, Mabrey, Goat, Tom Ayres, Christian Hoffman, Bradley Field, Michael Gene for the socks, Connie for the haircut, Danny at Oki-Dog for the teriyaki pastrami burritto, the 909ers for their sickness, and all the audiences in all the clubs, bars, juke joints, and gin mills from there to here.

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