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Does it necessarily take multiple design components to create an arty cover picture?
This one combines colored lettering and a monochrome photography to produce absolute interesting tension. Most fascinating is how the photography caught the artist, that seems to try with his look, to get in contact with us. Many of the '50s covers convince through their spartan but absolutely imaginative use of figurative design details. It is an evidence that a classic and tasteful design don't want to disturb, and never would bother us with sensory overload.

'May 18, 1936'
A Good Ol' Session with Satch

7"  E.P. by
Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra

Brunswick ™
catalogue no. 10 147 EPB
production date: 1958
de made


Side A:
Swing That Music
   [Gerlach / Armstrong]
Lyin' to Myself
   [Carmichael / Adams]

Side B:
   [Cahn / Chaplin]

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