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From 1956 is this graphical art sleeve. Apart from the rather tragical occasion this front cover picture is really nice, it is attracting because of his pure 'coloure-and-shape-only' design. The attenuated colours do fit well to a funeral, they give an idea of the pain, caused through the loss of a beloved human. In contrast to the usual record covers this one isn't glued on the sides, no, it was sewed!
For the event the music is not just reflective and quiet, it also tries to comfort the mourning a little.
It started as a funeral march and then turned into a much more lively tune.

7" single by
Louis Armstrong and
The All Stars
Brunswick Records™
catalogue no.10 007 EPB
production date: 1956
de made

producer: not stated


Side A:
New Orleans function

Side B:
On the sunny side of the street
  [Fields / McHugh]

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