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Side A:

  Call me up  3.20
  Laundromat blues  1.49
  Jesus is easy  2.20
  Noses run im my family  2.10
  Just tonight  2.42
  Thousands of Girls  3.10

Side B:

  Do the dog  2.47
  Show me yours
  (I'll show you mine)  3.05
  My own review  2.36
  Nurse!  3.46
  Just a dream  2.04

All selections written by:
Martin Mull
  Jesus is easy
  [M. Mull / E. Wise]
  Do the dog
  [M. Mull / B. Cumming]

Martin Mull:
Lead vocals, guitar, piano
Richard Adelman:
Drums, percussion
Ed Wise:
Piano, Fender Rhodes, vibes, vocals, percussion
Bryan Cumming:
Bass guitar, tenor saxophone, trumpet, vocals, percussion
Greg Hawkes:
Baritone saxophone, flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, percussion
Bob Moore:
Bass. vocals, guitar
Lloyd Baskin:
Organ, clavinet, vocals, percussion, melodica
Richard Davis:
Accoustic bass

additional vocals:
Saundra Lee / Greg Prestopino / Nancy Eisenstein


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