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Side A:

Don't look around  3.42
 [West, Palmer & Pappalardi, Collins] Taunta (Sammy's Tune)  1.00
Nantucket Sleighride  5.49  [Pappalardi, Collins]
You can't get away  3.23
 [West, Collins, Laing]
Tired angels (to J. M. H.)  4.39
 [Pappalardi, Collins]

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Side B:

The animal trainer and the toad  3.24
 [West, Palmer]
My Lady  4.31
 [Laing & Pappalardi ~ Collins]
Travellin' in the dark (to E. M. P.)  4.21
 [West, Palmer & Pappalardi ~ Collins]
The great train robbery  5.43
 [West, Laing & Pappalardi ~ Collins]

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[ booklet & photographs ]

12" Lp by
Windfall Records™
catalogue no. 5500
production date: 1971
us made

producer: Felix Pappalardi
design, painting, photography:
Gail Collins
Mick Brigden & Gail Collins
drawing of a nantucket sleighride: Roy Bailey
little drawings:
Mick Brigden & Gail Collins

  Leslie West:  guitar & vocal
  Felix Pappalardi:
                           bass & vocal
  Corky Laing:  drums
  Steve Knight:  Keyboards


The concept of this album cover contains an absolutely exceptional artwork. It's not just the fact, that it is a center folded one, additionally it attracts attention with a lyric booklet and two black and white photographs of the band. Gail Collins has created the design, including all the paintings and drawings, she also contributed a part of the calligraphy for the inner cover and the booklet. In collaboration with Felix Pappalardi she also wrote some of the lyrics for this wonderful album. Her drawings for this jacket seems to guide the beholder into a world of dreamy fairytales with strange and colourful creatures, as well as an unusual environment.

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